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The Elthyr Universe

Lord Azao and Lady Terra fell in love and desired a place to honor this passion. As over-deity prince and princess, they were told they would someday make their own world. Or share one that they might create with a loved one. All of existence is based on the balance of creation. There was always the Essence. The Essence is that which gives things form, or life, or both, or more. When a new word is created, the Essence is in it. When a new child is born, the Essence gives breath. The first time the Essence wished to have an embodiment, it became so and from this desire, the first Kings and Queens were established. The Essence laid a desire to create in the will of these beings. And from then on, Creation continued.

After about the third generation, one of the most exciting creations occurred. Lord Azao and Lady Terra gave birth to Xartuzu, but her hunger for power led to the need to keep her in check. The couple, slightly estranged over their new daughter, gave up her Right of Royalty as a sacrifice to beget ever more godly children. Furious, she enslaved her parents in such a way that they may never create another world ever again. Shaunna was born to rebuild the family, and sought to do so by uniting the peoples of the world that Azao and Terra had made. Kraxxus was birthed to conquer everything Xartuzu had taken over. Zook was born to invent new ways to work together. Caeldefraen was given life in order to preserve the wilderness and her twin brother, Solvectus, was given a quest to seek out any remaining clues that might free their parents. Targ, the baby, was sent to make everyone smile and laugh again. As people were swayed to each deity, their power increased. This is what made Elthyr so special. Never before had a world been given so much power over the deities. Never before had a people needed these deities more. If the deities had a balanced amount of power, their parents gained power. In order to maintain the balance, three more deities were born. Kuronis, lord of time; Zelstriana, lady of dreams; and The Empty, a collective sludge that guards death.

Kuronis is concerned only that time passes and is fluid. If the past or future is altered, it must be monitored so as not to create a new river, only bend the old one. When broken, Elthyr is said to shake as though by the hand of destiny.

Zelstriana worries not about restless sleep or even anything that has no desire, like inanimate objects. But anything that dreams or hopes does so at her whim, she has been called ‘The Cold One’ for instilling apathy in people. Though this is not true, she cares not what is said. Only that people who want either get it knowing they will not be satisfied, or never get it exactly right so that the longing is always there.

The Empty is a writhing mass of slime, tentacles, eyes, and mouths. It is said to be the cursed amalgamation of fears, lost dreams, destroyed hearts, and more. It simply represents all that is no more part of the Essence in the positive sense. If life and creation are from the Essence, The Empty are the representation of unmaking on Elthyr. In other realms, there might be a Death Deity or whatnot, but since Azao and Terra chose not to give any more opportunities to Xartuzu, none was elected here.

The three ‘Uncaring’ as they are known in Elthyr do not need anyone’s worship to maintain their office. Xartuzu has often sought this out as a viable option, but she can’t see how to have both the benefit of power by belief and power by gift without the penalty of either.

There are several interpretations of the story of beginning. But this has been given the official base truth as ordained by the church of Kien the Blue, the only being to be granted divinity and not born to it from Elthyr. “The eight will reign, in silence three remain, twelve are table’s frame, the final hero to unbind chains.” This is the phrase used in honor of Creation Day, a holiday in all churches, practiced in various ways.

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